Tuesday, February 24, 2015

To the girl with the low confidence.

Girl with the entirely low confidence,

You woke up this morning and walked in to the bathroom to brush your teeth and comb your hair. You looked in the mirror and the bags under your eyes were noticeable. They were dark and you thought to yourself "I hope my concealer covers this up." Your teeth aren't as white as the models in the magazines. Your skin doesn't glow like their skin either. Your hair? Split Ends. Roots. Frizz. Maybe a new color and cut will make it better...but probably not. You're a little bloated and thats just embarrassing, especially because none of your clothes are baggy enough to hide it and lets be honest, you don't even like your clothes. Your nail polish is chipping and there is a pimple forming on your chin. Lips? Chapped and you can't find the chapstick. Go figure. Your eyebrows need plucking too, because thats only slightly painful. Your confidence is out the window and you get that feeling in your stomach like you might vomit or cry, whichever comes first.

Lets be honest though, no one is perfect and your hair is fine. Chapped lips? It happens to everyone. Pimples? Oh, please find one person who has NEVER had a pimple and if someone gives you a hard time about it then their insecurities are far bigger than yours, trust me. Maybe you want to lose a few pounds and thats okay but God gave you that body and it is your job to love it - no matter what shape or size it is. You do not need to be a size 2 or even a size 10 to be considered "pretty". Size is just a number and does not define beauty. Really. Your teeth will never be as white as those models and your skin will never glow like their skin. Why? Because it isn't even real. Photoshop does wonders for a person...unrealistic wonders. You can try every lotion, spray tan, or teeth-whitening product out there and it won't ever be the same. It might be close but it won't be the same. Find something that you are content and comfortable with and stick to it. Make you happy. Forget the nail polish and the eyebrows. It is so much work and no one can paint the other hand perfectly. No one. Those circles under your eyes can be covered up with make-up but who really cares? You're tired and you have been living your life instead of sleeping it away. I mean you live this life once so dark, baggy, circles under your eyes are completely acceptable. Once again, it happens to everybody.

We, as people, have created this image of the "perfect person" and while some of us have strayed from that, several of us have not. Throw the magazines out if you are going to compare yourself. Forget the polished girls on television if you don't see your own beauty. You are beautiful just as you are. I promise. Do not fall in to this hype of the perfect girl - do not. Looks do not define beauty. Makeup does not necessarily make a person beautiful. Does it help your self confidence? It might and thats okay but do not feel like you are not worthy without it. Do not feel disgusted without it. Do not feel like hiding indoors without it. The only person who looks like you. Share that with the world and own it because you are beautiful.

the girl who use to have the entirely low confidence

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