Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Last Sword

What are you all putting in your littles Easter baskets? I always overthink this and lose my sanity slightly. For example, today I came out of the dollar tree with foam swords for the boys. They love swords and can't hurt anybody with those foam things, plus they were a dollar - win for momma! I was so stinkin' excited and when I got home B (our youngest) spotted it immediately and is now playing with it. Fighting pirates and things of that sort. Little bit of my sanity gone. I thought "Oh, I'll just hide it when he quits playing with it." Not gonna happen, but thats okay because I have home made chicken pot pie cooking and will eat plenty of carbs and feel okay about the entire situation. Plus, the kid is having a blast!

I usually stick strictly to "Easter" related items but I just couldn't leave the swords behind. Maybe now my kids will quit using their straws as swords...that can be messy.

So, what have you all found and decided to throw in there? I'll be honest I don't order anything offline for Easter or Valentines baskets. I go to the stores and just shop around. Some of my favorite things for Easter baskets include:

Resurrection Eggs - These can be found at Lifeway and are great for the kids to play with and learn all about the Easter store. Love!

Kids Daily Devotional - C loves to win and we love Jesus! So this is always a win-win for him.

I think everyone needs a chocolate bunny (if you don't want it I will gladly eat it (: for you.) Also anything from Target is probably pure gold. I mean there stuff is adorable and their dollar section is pure genius. We always throw in bubbles and usually a kite, the kids love them!

Hope you all are having a blast getting those Easter baskets ready!

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