Friday, February 13, 2015

Love of Music

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and we are "feeling the love" around the house today with some of our favorite lovey-dovey tunes while we conquer laundry, dishes, and some organizing. Without further ado, our top 10 love songs:

10. When I Was Your Man - Thomas Rhett
I know what you are thinking...this song is like a sad break-up song, and it is, but it is so filled with love too and we LOVE Thomas Rhett's voice in this Bruno Mars cover. It's just all kinds of wonderful. I've provided the video because well we just love it.

9. A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay

8. Matt Stell - Meantime (that voice!)

7. We Were Us - Keith Urban & Miranda Lambert

6. Stay With Me - Sam Smith

5. Ho Hey - The Lumineers

4. Feet Don't Touch the Ground - Stoney LaRue
This one has all kinds of special meaning around our house.

3. Never Stop - Safetysuit
If you can listen to this one without crying then you are a champ. I cry. Every. Single. Time.

2. Overwhelmed - Tim McMorris
Who doesn't love a good feel good/lovey song? Swoon.

1. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

So, those are currently what we are jamming to at home. What are your favorite love songs right now?


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