Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking back but moving forward.

What was 2014 for me? Rough. In 2014 I moved to a completely new town and realized loneliness was a bit too familiar for me. I grew but I also pulled away from things and people in ways I wished I hadn't. I am still learning, everyday. 2014 has been hard - especially this last month. So, I will leave 2014 here. I will continue to face these problems in 2015 butI will do so with my head held a little higher and with a bit more faith. 

So what are my resolutions? Let's be real. I completely thought about not having any. I rarely follow them, but then I thought..why not just be more personal? Why not just be more real and more honest with myself? Do away with the norm and just do me. So, forget the gym and the eating healthy. This year it is getting real up in here. 

In 2015 I will work on my faith. Church will be a regular thing and I will quit turning away from God. Instead, I will trust him and I will work on that relationship. I will stop being so scared of it and start learning and growing from it. 

In 2015 I am working on me. Sometimes, my down fault is I focus on others way before myself and then I just let myself fall apart. Im working on my faith. My confidence. My trust. Me.

I have to be the best version of me in order to serve God and my family the best I can.

Maybe, it is selfish and I have completely beat myself up over that but 2015 is the year I figure myself out and the year I beat all of these things that forever drag me down and seclude me. 

What your resolutions this year? Your plans and dreams?


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